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We provide ongoing UI/UX design services that includes UI/UX Discovery & Requirements gathering, UI/UX Audit, Wireframes/Layout, Visual concept and style application, Motion and iconography and UI/UX Assets and guides

Mobile Apps Design

Website Design

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Motion Design

A UI UX Agency in NYC, USA that is transforming and scaling businesses successfully through its services including Mobile Apps Design, Website Design, User Interface, Experience Design and Motion Graphics

Using Best UI/UX Components
to create best possible frontend development & responsive designs for your applications
UI UX Design Company Services | UI/UX Design Agency NYC, USA  for angular
UI UX Design Company Services | UI/UX Design Agency NYC, USA  for js
UI UX Design Company Services | UI/UX Design Agency NYC, USA  for backbone
UI UX Design Company Services | UI/UX Design Agency NYC, USA  for html5
UI UX Design Company Services | UI/UX Design Agency NYC, USA  for css
UI UX Design Company Services | UI/UX Design Agency NYC, USA  for jquery

Our frontend development process include custom-tailored HTML-based solutions for all kind of devices and apps. We build solutions that are responsive in nature

frontend development Company

to achieve consistency in running the app and complete complatibility across all browsers.

ui ux design for firefox
ui ux design for chrome
ui ux design for IE Edge
ui ux design for opera
ui ux design for safari
ui ux design for IE

We create unique User Interface Designs that significantly change into eye-catching & informative designs. We offer the best UI UX design services & provide an expert UI UX Design resources for all graphics and web-related work for our USA clients. Our experienced UI Design specialists have an artist’s eye for beautiful user interfaces. The UI Designs created with our webapp expertise are made to run faster, perform better, and provide outstanding user experience on any device, mobile, tablet or desktop.

With our expertise in user experience design, UX strategy, we help all of our USA clients to get amazing product. Be it a mobile app, website or webapp, our perfect UX strategy helps you to achieve exponential results for their product. We develop perfect UX Strategy for all devices and applications — mobile apps, web apps, enterprise software, and other connected devices so that users expect effortless experiences.

Our UI/UX Services' Process

UI UX Initiation
  • Welcome Email
  • Questionnaire
  • Client Approval
  • Budgeting
UI UX Prototyping
  • Wireframes
  • UX Strategy
  • Prototype Approval
  • Figma Demo
UI UX Design
  • UI Sampling
  • UI Design
  • UI Approval
  • Branding
What our Clients are Saying!
Recent Testimonials
"Thanks to Influxive Inc. for doing excellent job, very understanding and cooperative using latest technologies for web solutions, I like working with them and very best and honest"
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you replace my Current UI UX Design if I’m not satisfied?
Every UI UX design we create, we do it with our experience and expertise. However, in case it seems there are issues pertaining to your UI UX design, we guarantee new revision and sample immediately ensuring the reason for change is addressed in your new UI UX Designs.
What is the main pain-point of the current version (if it exists) in UI/UX?
If you redesign a website or application, find out the shortcomings of the current product, and focus on improving the product in the redesign process. You can also ensure that these features are fully covered in your research and user testing process.
How does your UI/UX designer estimate the timeline in the design process?
Our UI/UX designer takes into accountability of number of pages needed to be designed & developed for your application. He/She then estimate number of hours needed to design each page and hence give you exact timeline.
How do you think of the questions on the “difference of UI/ UX design?"
Answers are different from people to people, each designer has his own understandings, “UX is not equal to the UI”, “UX design emphasis on technology and analysis, UI design closer to the graphic design.”
I Have my own developer, Do you just do UI UX Design for Mobile Apps?
Yes, we will closely work with your development until your development cycle completes and we will provide full support in UI UX Designs for your Mobile Application Development.
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