PHP is the most popular & widely accepted general-purpose scripting language that is especially used in web development now across any platform. PHP Language is Fast, flexible and pragmatic. You powerw everything and anything from your blogs to the most popular websites in the world be it a static website, dynamic or relational.

Offshore PHP development company

Any type of website can be created with PHP language & PHP frameworks:

1. Info website (Brand building)
2. E-commerce website
3. Photography website
4. Blogging (web log)
5. Dynamic website
6. Static website
7. Affiliate website
8. Personal website
9. News site

Above are just few examples for types of websites built with PHP. The possibilities are endless. It all depends on total experiece of a PHP developer, with his past experience he creates websites with creativity and uniqueness all the way. Few tips for you that you must take care before hiring anyone:-

1. Make sure that the offshore PHP development company you choose or hire for PHP Development is professional, experienced and have a great track record of the past work.

2. Make sure that any certified PHP development company is able to show you the portfolio. You should always check portfolio of the company that they have.

3. Check out the reputation of any PHP agency on search engines. Also check what they usually posting on social media and what comments people are giving.

4. Make sure that any PHP Agency have perfect blend of resources in their pool like frontend developers, backend developers, UI UX developers and much more as per your requirement.

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With 500+ PHP projects completed, up & running, Our PHP programmers have fully mastered the range of PHP frameworks, tools and CMS. Hire our PHP developers to get your own custom PHP solution of any complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right full stack developer?
A competent full-stack developer will have full expertise in frontend and backend technologies - MySQL, AngularJS, React JS, React Native, CSS, NodeJS, Laravel, PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap, Magento, Wordpress, Drupal etc.
I’m a CTO and would like to handle a remote team on my own. Is it possible to hire full PHP developer/team?
Yes, you can hire as many qualified and experienced certified PHP developers as per your project requirement, and manage them remotely. We provide php mysql web development services that are robust in high-complexity environments to achieve every type of business objectives.
All the sites you build in PHP, do they fit on mobile phones, tablets and laptops?
The answer is yes. We make all websites in PHP that are fully responsive. We will build your site so that all visitors to it will have an optimal viewing experience. Your site will easily resize to fit any device - from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors.
Can we configure payment gateway systems in Core PHP Applications?
Yes, we can easily configure and attach any payment system to your core PHP APplication. We can find the detail documentation about different integration process for PHP from the respective payment gateway company easily.
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