shopify migration services

Shopify is the most widely used platform when it comes to migrating from any of the ecommerce platform. Shopify is the most popular ecommerce platform. What needsto be known before migration is that what all can be migrated from any ecommerce platform to Shopify. Here is the list of all things that can be migrated to Shopify platform:

Our Shopify migration services



Product Titles, Images, Description, Custom Fields, Inventory, Pricing, Tax, Etc.


Product Attributes

Includes all conceivable attribute types such as size, unit of measurement, dimensions etc.


Product Variants

Includes core products as well as sub categories, Includes all known, popular file formats


Content Pages

Pages and all relevant content


SEO Settings

SEO settings will remain the same after the migration process



Reviews are difficult to gather the first time, why do it again? All reviews are migrated


Customer Groups

Personalized groups and clusters of your customers



Retain old order records and any open orders as well



Tax history as well as calculations



No need to forego automation in price rules when you migrate



For easy identification of each item category, product and customers



Active discount and coupon codes, Analytics & Metrics

magento to shopify migration

There are around 267 000 live sites on Magento and almost 4.4 million on Shopify, with the numbers steadily climbing in Shopify’s favor. Many customers are migrating from Magento to Shopify now due to ease of marketing tools in Shopify. Although there are many tools to let you migrate from Magento to Shopify easily but there is possibility of downtime and missing data. Influxive Technologies is one of the best Magento to Shopify migration provider that helps you to transfer data from your stores seamlessly.

Before you migrate or if you are confused about migration, here is an answer to question Magento vs Shopify: Which one should you choose?

Magento is a free, self-hosted, open-source e-commerce platform. While it is completely personalizable, you can only make customizations through coding or with the help of Magento Developer. In contrast, Shopify is beginner-friendly and offers you an easy customizable interface that allows you to customize almost every aspect of your ecommerce store.

  • • Easy, customizable themes
  • • Not much technical dependency to get up and running
  • • Promotional built-in tools that are much more effective
  • • Shopify app market is super easy to use
  • • Allows multi-channel selling with no additional extensions required
  • • Dedicated support team to answer all your queries
  • • Easy Marketing tools & SEO friendly
magento to shopify migration

Steps being followed in our migration services

  • Step 1: Back Up Your Magento Store
  • Step 2: Pick the right Shopify Pricing Plan
  • Step 3: Check for Compatible Apps for both stores
  • Step 4: Get Your Shopify Store Ready
  • Step 5: Export Data from Magento
  • Step 6: Import Data from Magento to Shopify
  • Step 7: Tell Your Customers About Platform Change
  • Step 8: Test Your Shopify Store
  • Step 9: Launch Your Store
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