Headless Shopify Commerce

You’ve probably seen years being spent on building online stores with Shopify. And while it may have outgrown the platform's native capabilities, you still don’t want to lose the powerful functions Shopify provides. The world’s most innovative brands infact many of fortune 5000 companies now use Shopify Plus for headless commerce. Headless commerce separates your back-end infrastructure from your front-end customer touchpoints, so you get more control over your buyer and developer experiences.

Clients using headless commerce

Discover why brands choose headless commerce

  • InnovationFrom web pages and mobile apps to smart mirrors and wearables, virtually any screen can become a digital storefront.
  • Developer freedomWith Shopify's built-in tools, your team can build storefronts using the tools they already know.
  • FlexibilityWithout generic templates, you can express yourself visually and provide a better buyer experience.
  • Omnichannel sellingYour customers can now purchase through all the digital channels they prefer, and you can manage everything from a single backend.
  • ✔ Hydrogen demo store includes helpful reference code to help you get started quickly.
  • ✔ Without worrying about security or uptime, deploy globally in one click.
  • ✔ Build fast storefronts where customers shop with a performance-optimized framework and modern developer tools.
  • ✔ Get dedicated technical support for launching and optimizing your Hydrogen storefront.

Headless eCommerce Platforms

Headless ecommerce is a commerce architecture that decouples (or detaches) the front end of your online store from the operational back-end layer that manages sales, website security, data processes, and business logic. The back end is left without its “head” (the front end), which is where the term “headless” comes from. A body with a detached head can’t do much at all, but when a commerce platform goes headless, it’s faster, more flexible, and more functional. The back end can perform all its crucial commerce duties and experiment with new, innovative functionality without being shackled to a front end. And businesses can create fully customized, branded digital storefronts and deliver memorable experiences across channels without disturbing the back-end infrastructure.

Other Best Headless eCommerce Platforms in 2023

Magento (Adobe Commerce)Magento is a highly customizable headless commerce platform. Web developers can create custom applications that fit the needs of their customers using this service. It also includes several omnichannel solutions stored on the cloud that make it easy to combine digital and brick-and-mortar shopping. Magento is famous for its analytics, offering enhanced data visualization. Your data can be easily exported right to an inbox, providing insights into retention rates, lifetime value, and average order value over a chosen period. BigCommerceWith BigCommerce, you’re getting enterprise-level functionality with top performance and an impressive app-based system. It’s used in both the B2B and B2C sectors. The system is designed for scaling businesses, allowing companies to grow at the pace they want. When using BigCommerce, you can provide API-driven experiences using integrations and APIs for WordPress, eBay, Google, Stripe, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Mailchimp, Amazon, etc. There’s also a popular BigCommerce WordPress plugin, making it more compatible with the world’s most popular CMS.

Strapi ecommerce

Empowering retailers to sell everywhere by increasing your online conversion rates through immersive storytelling. From payments to search and helpdesk, Strapi integrates with your preferred platforms and services. Create the best customer experience possible by leveraging your preferred microservices. Strapi easily integrates with the best-in-class services to deliver the best customer experience.


Cloud-based image and video management services to upload, store, manage, manipulate, and deliver images and video for websites and apps.


Build and monitor your email solution on a trusted foundation—with technical and strategic support when you need it most.


Easy SMTP integration and a simple, RESTful API abstracts away the messy details of sending transactional or bulk email.


Real-time speed and simplicity Build blazing fast distributed apps that your customers will love and your DevOps teams can easily scale from code to production.


The fastest way to build a front-end on top of your data. Integrate with any data source. 100+ Professional React UI Components.


Mostly used to build complex enterprise-grade apps to incorporate complex functionalities like progressive, single-page, and native web apps.


Create complex, multi-protocol applications while maintaining concise, readable syntax - web and software development.


Open source UI toolkit for building mobile apps using web technologies with integrations for popular frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.


Control every pixel to create customized & adaptive designs & take control of your codebase with plugins & build high quality apps.

Google Engine

Deploy your Strapi application on Google App Engine and how to upload your assets on Google Cloud Storage.


Build, Deploy, and Manage Websites, Apps or Processes On AWS' Secure, Reliable Network. Easily Manage Clusters. Global Infrastructure.


Microsoft Azure - a cloud computing platform that provides access, management, and development of applications and services.
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