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Which and Why Magento?

Community Edition Magento

Community edition Magento is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses which seek to have an online storefront of their own. It is an ideal platform offering quick deployment, seamless scalability and ease of use.

Enterprise Edition Magento

This is tailor made for large and enterprise size businesses coming equipped with advanced features including the likes of security, customer service, out-of-the-box functionality and key business tools, allowing you to transform your business effectively.

Magento is one of the most widely accepted and used platforms for E-commerce business management. We, here at Influxive, understand the varying needs of each business and intend to provide various customized plans and features through our different Magento collaterals.

Enterprise Features in Magento E-Commerce

Enterprise Features in Magento E-Commerce

Customer Centric Intelligent E-Commerce

At Influxive, we understand the fast pace of development and the dynamic nature of the market of today; hence, we incorporate customer-centric cutting edge tools with your business, to help you secure that competitive edge.


Across the world, there are 5.13 Billion smart phone users. Its all about the math! We help you reach your target audience segment with fool proof m-commerce solutions, so an interactive and engaging shopping experience is just a few button taps away.

  • Payments and orders made via mobile
  • Location specific m-commerce
  • Aspect of personalization as per customer engagement and behaviour
  • Possible integration with the retail store
  • Flash offers, sales, discounts and promotions
  • Faster and secure checkout process
  • Boost from Push Notifications
  • Giving customers alternative Payment Options

IOT driven E-Commerce

IoT or Internet of Things has been a buzzword in the market for years now. With the help of our dynamic IoT driven e-commerce solutions, wherein devices exchange data with each other over the Internet, e-commerce businesses get empowered to do so much more on the lines of warehousing, stock management, operations and more.

  • IoT based solutions enable shopping via smart devices like Google Home, smart fridge etc.
  • Seamless Payment gateways via IoT devices.
  • Inventory management made easy making use of IoT.
  • Customized applications for wearable devices.
  • Efficient supply chain management system.
  • Personalized shopping experience for consumers.
AI powered customer service

With the amalgation of AI and e-commerce development, we wish to move past the traditional keyword centric searches and provide the consumers with smarter search results. With the use of AI, the discovery of your products across various channels is made easier and more potent.

  • Virtual stores for better shopping experience.
  • Smarter search and recommendations for your customers.
  • Interactive displays over the kiosks.
  • AI based solutions for your customer centric supply chain management.
  • Retargeting of potential customers to improve conversion
  • Enhance personalization levels across multiple devices
  • Usage of ChatBot assistants
E-commerce Analytics

Data hands down is the most expensive commodity in today’s market; and we can put it to your use via Big Data analytics. We provide you in-depth numbers with proper reasoning and projections, helping you better understand consumer behaviour and increase sales.

  • Data analysis in order to forecast upcoming sales, near future highs and lows too.
  • Sentimental analysis to reach out to the consumer base more effectively.
  • Capacity to align product recommendations with the customer's expectations, order history and taste.
  • Aggregated data analysis to develop customer personas for potent strategies.
  • Working in tandem with the online marketing strategies.
  • Consistently improving conversion quotients across categories.

Enterprise Features in Magento E-Commerce

Vital Cogs of any E-commerce Business

Vital Cogs of any E-commerce Business

Be it any e-commerce business, all of them have some primary driving forces that enable the business model to perform and succeed and be capable of turning investments into profits on a consistent basis.

Technological edge

Amidst the cutthroat competition of today, sometimes even the best isn’t enough, given there are plenty of fish in the sea. This is where our team ticks all the right boxes by providing international standard expertise, technology and innovation.

Inventory Management

Inventory management acts as a make or break for product-selling businesses. The ease with which Magento dissects this aspect is what makes it the most widely used e-selling platform in the world.

Data analysis

Our in-house analysts working in tandem with Magento’s advanced tools ensure that every miniscule of data is accounted for when it comes to branding and marketing strategies.

Customer support

It is well said that retention of a customer is much more essential than attracting new ones, which is why our team is always at your disposal, solving tech glitches or functionality related issues.

Database Management

An e-commerce business generates TBs of data, which can get overwhelming after a point. We take on this entire load by managing the backend, so that you can instead focus on brand building.

Ease of Use

Not just for the users, but we provide a seamless backend for you to be in control of your website; ensuring that you don’t need to wait to add/modify/delete products and categories at will.

Brand Marketing

Once you set up shop, what’s left is to spread the word online through Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Social Listening, Paid Advertising and more.

Get That Edge with Magento

We, at Influxive, understand the importance of constantly innovating and integrating advanced tools just to stay competitive out there. This is why our R&D team punches well above their weight to give you tailored solutions that resonate with your brand effectively.

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