Development of any eCommerce Website or Online eCommerce Store along with mobile applicatiion is not expensive especially for startups who are just trying to enter in the online world space. Although many factors are involved in calculation of cost for ecommerce website design & development, we give you all recurring and fixed cost below. Should you need Ecommerce Website Development Company, do not heistate to contact us anytime!

Let's Talk about Main features needed in any Ecommerce Website Development

1. eCommerce Site Design: A well responsive design is always first USP of any online store. One should have perfect UI UX design for online store. Buying a template is easy option but they always lack or have almost same UI UX which makes it hard for your online store to get a different identity. Hire UI UX Designer to get a custom design which is unique and elegant

2. Product Categorization: Well categorized and sub-categorized products are always easy for users to navigate. Maintaining proper Categories and Sub-categories are essential part of ecommerce website. Although, If it is too complicated for you to add them, then you can anytime hire eCommerce developer from us.

3. Product Search: Allow users to filter the product list by different parameters including range, price, categories, reviews, description, quantity, and more. Depending on Product Attributes, we can configure any search filter in ecommerce site

4. Cart & Checkout Management: It's the most important part of your ecommerce website. This drives revenue for you. One must have to make sure that cart have options like edit, remove, add products, add coupons, promo codes or vouchers to boost the entire shopping experience of the user.

5. Payment Methods: Adding multiple payment options like debit card, credit card, PayPal and more helps you to gain trust of consumer and as well as ease for payment on your online store for consumer.

6. Marketing & Promotion Features: Add number of features like newsletter, social media integration and many more to lower down your customer acquisition and marketing cost.

7. Social Network Authorization: Registering a profile with the social accounts is always an easy option for the user, so make sure you allow users to log in the ecommerce website with a social network account and able to transfer the data including photo, name, mobile number, email address and more.

8. Track Analytics: Integrate the best analytic tools to your eCommerce site that helps you in getting actual analytics for the users, products and much more and enables you to understand whether your brand is progressing or not.

9. Mobile Application for eCommerce Website: Make sure you have both ios & android application development for your online store to boost sales and revenue.

eCommerce Website Cost

eCommerce Website Cost

Here is a breakdown of the major costing factors taken into consideration by any eCommerce Solution Provider in USA that usually take up around 3 to 6 months to develop an estimated cost. But this is an estimated cost only and always depends on complexity and size of the website. We are listing here what we usually charge:

Custom UI UX DesignUSD 2,500
Frontend DevelopmentUSD 5,000
Backend DevelopmentUSD 3,000
Mobile Application - iOSUSD 2,500
Mobile Application - AndroidUSD 2,500
Performance Tune-up USD 1,500

eCommerce Website Cost

Recurring Cost For E-Commerce Web Development

Choice of Platform

There are a number of ecommerce platforms available in the market. So here are the major choices:

WooCommerce: It is one of the most popular open-source ecommerce solutions that help you turn your WordPress website into an ecommerce store.

Shopify: It is one of the most trending platforms to develop ecommerce sites in the fastest ways. But it offers limited features and customizations for website development. However, you can access additional features by simply choosing the package ranging from $25 to $399 per month.

Magento: This is one of the best platforms for building the enterprise-scale website as it provides a broad choice of extensions to customize the e-retail store.

Other Costs

a) Domain Name Cost

b) SSL Certificate Cost

c) Web Hosting

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What are some of the top-notch E-commerce Platforms?
Some of the top-notch E-commerce Platforms are:

Wix Stores
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There are multiple benefits of hiring dedicated and skilled developers:
- You will get to work with dedicated and skilled developers
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- Hiring a dedicated developer saves you capex and recurring expense of office
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