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Geographically dispersed team or a remote team, We are fully qualified to fulfill your technological demands by customizing our engagement models for your projects. IT Outsourcing is a strategic approach to handle your software needs with complete technology stack and services without engaging in recurring capital expenditure on your side. IT Outsourcing services allows you to subcontract all IT services or technology related work to an offshore company located anywhere around the globe. India has always been the most reliable choice & a best strategic decision always for IT outsourcing due to the lower cost and availability of highly skilled experts. Influxive is the Best & Top 10 IT Outsourcing company in NYC, USA that helps businesses gain a wide range of benefits.

Project-based Engagement for Virtual Team

Project-based Engagement for Virtual Team

Project-based engagement model is best for those ISV's or Companies that have well-defined requirements. Starting with this engagement model, you have option to start with single freelancer / developer / designer and can extend to more people anytime. This model works best for 1 month contract and the contract can be extended further.

Dedicated Development Virtual Team

Dedicated Development
Virtual Team

We offer dedicated virtual team of that consists of freelancer / developer / designers based on your requirements. Our Virtual team can have any ratio of freelancer / developer / designer for your projects. They will work for you for a minimum of 3 months and the contract can be extended for (n) number of months. Change your team composition anytime.

SLA-based Approach for Virtual Team

SLA-based Approach for
Virtual Team

The SLA-driven model is recommended for long-term projects with clearly agreed constraints and requirements. Our programmers / experts / graphic people consists of the right mix of expertise and skills. Influxive works on customizing your designs at various business stages and is generally for a minimum period of 1 year.

Our Virtual Team Outsourcing Services

We have best Virtual Outsorucing Team for all clients in NYC, USA. With our IT virtual team collaboration having more than 30 employees, it is critical for any company’s success to have virtual team contract to reduces costs, boost performance and morale.

IT Consulting Company

IT Consulting

We develop creative, elegant, easy-going navigable applications for all of our clients.

UI/UX design company

UI/UX Design

Elegant and high quality UI/UX designs with Coherent space usage for best Strategy.

iOS Android App Development Company

App Development

Best Mobile Application Development company, when you are considering developing an iOS or an Android app.

Remote Staffing Agency

There’s never been a time in our life when businesses couldn’t gather in their buildings and offices for work. While we’re finding ways to work virtually, leaders are still looking to understand how to run their businesses without the ability to meet in person. As we navigate this new norm, we want to help you by providing you as a best Remote Staffing Agency by automating your teams and businesses remotely.

New Forces Are Impacting Staffing Demand

Expectations on revenue cycle leaders are at all-time highs and demands for qualified staff are constantly changing. Revenue cycle leaders like you are being asked to do more with less while factors such as payer demands, IT implementations, EMR conversions, unification and consolidations all contribute to variable staff availability.

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IT Consulting for Alexander McQueen
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IT Consulting for International Labour Organization
IT Consulting for Times Now
IT Consulting for Airtel
IT Consulting for Cisco
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IT Consulting for Larsen AND Toubro
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