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We are one of the top rated and best iOS / Android Development Company providing for all solutions for iOS / Android application development. Our iOS / Android team features a high level of transparency, security, flexibility and scalability. Our iOS / Android Developers, our highly-qualified professionals that will coordinate with your IT and business needs.

iOS App Design

Android App Design

iOS App Development

Android App Development

iOS & Android App
UI/UX Design

We have principles that define the best practices for creating compelling, highly interactive, and user-friendly UI/UX Designs for all kinds of iOS / Android Apps. They are defined by our proven understanding principles that are based on manual interaction principles, app ui/ux design, real-life app redesign and migration cases, user experience, as well as technology and architecture principles.

iOS & Android App
Performance & Scalability

iOS / Android App experience depends on speed & performance of application affecting wide characteristics — from user journey to battery consumption. As a best iOS & Android app development company, We closely work on tuning and optimization application performance thereby minimizing the use of resources and accelerating productivity.

360° Visibility for
iOS & Android Apps

As a leading Iphone development agency, we help you and inform you the future decisions that drive revenue in advance through our real-time performance metrics, trend lines, and AI-driven methodologies to know exactly where your business stands. Our capability makes change analysis simple with accurate forecasts to course correct and shape your revenue and income.

iOS & Android Apps
Support & Maintenance

Our regular process of load test allows to measure response times, throughput rates, and resources utilized, and to identify your app’s breaking point. Contrary to being an overhead cost, our Application Support and Maintenance is very minimalistic in cost to provide constant maintenance and support and to develop new functionalities and enhancements in your existing applications.

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1,100+ Completed Projects in 30+ Countries
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iOS & Android App Development Company USA, India | iOS Agency for CILG
iOS & Android App Development Company USA, India | iOS Agency for Bermuda Olympic Association
iOS & Android App Development Company USA, India | iOS Agency for Giet Architecture
iOS & Android App Development Company USA, India | iOS Agency for EMTV
iOS & Android App Development Company USA, India | iOS Agency for Look Asia

iOS & Android Mobile App Development Technology

OS and Production Environment
  • Mac OS X 10.6.7 and later
  • iOS Developer Program
  • Apple Store
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Google Play
Development languages
  • Objective-C/C++
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C++
  • Cocoa/Cocoa Touch
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • PhoneGap
  • Unity3D
  • Android SDK
  • Titanium
  • PhoneGap
  • OpenGL
Presentation Layer
  • UIKit
  • Core Graphics
  • HTML + CSS
  • XML
  • Rx
ORMs and Databases
  • RestKit
  • Core Data
  • MySQL
  • OrmLite
  • Sorma
  • SQLite
Tools and Solutions
  • ASIHTTPRequest
  • ShareKit
  • Wikitude (Augmented reality)
  • RedLazer API (Barcode scanner)
  • Draw 9-patch
  • Android Emulator
  • Layoutopt
  • Monkey
  • ProGuard
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"Influxive build for us a great web platform for importing xml datafeed from our merchant. They accomplished, with our full satisfaction the whole project. Also they provided us with excellent support, always with professionality. Great communication skills. I recommend Influxive to everyone that need to develop a complex project. Excellent programmers, high level website design. Thank you, guys! A++++++++++"
Okprezzi - OwnerSfoglia Ltd, Italy, EU
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