Benefits of Telemedicine App Development

The monetization of health applications can be done in a numerous ways and especially in period of this pandemic of COVID-19. The monetization includes several ways i.e. advertising, in-app purchases, subscription model, sponsorship, and many more. Telemedicine app monetization should derive from the health point of view for target customer.

One of the most common ways to build revenue streams in telemedicine apps is through fees.
For example, the owner of the Doctor-on-Demand app charges a doctor a 25% fee of their revenue. This rate can be adjusted depending on the consultation specifics, doctor specialization, consultation duration, or other metrics.

Benefits of Telemedicine App Development

Telemedicine App Development: Tech Implementation

There are many ways in which tech development can be done for all start-ups of health industry. Few of the project ideas are:-

1. Doctor-on-Demand

This is one of the best idea of web and mobile applications for online doctor consultations. The application creates a bridge between patients and doctors through which patients can contact doctors within three minutes using video conferencing. The service price is slightly higher compared with similar services, but is covered by a few insurance companies. The scope of this kind of telemedical application could be vast from integration of hospitals, labs, insurance companies and medicine warehouse.

2. Test-on-Demand

This is another idea where people can create interface for people who can get the test done by requesting on application. For example, blood test, queue management for MRI, CT Scans, X-rays and many more.

Telemedicine App Development: Tech Implementation

Telemedicine App Development Cost

The telemedicine start-ups are definitely changing the healthcare industry especially in pandemic periods like COVID-19, Ebola and many more, so this is exactly the best time to to start with telemedicine app development. Influxive is the best telemedicine mobile app development company in USA, UK & India.

Influxive provides you best and cheapest telemedicine mobile application development. You have multiple options to choose from for the development:

1. Provide collaboration between healthcare providers, users, or other parties
2. Provide secure and highly encrypted video conferencing and communication services
3. Provide in-home patient monitoring (e.g.cardiovascular activity) or patient self-monitoring solutions
4. Provide medical data analytics for general and prophylactic treatments (use of big data technology)
5. Provide a platform to transfer and store medical information securely (use of security protocols, cloud service solutions, blockchain technology)
6. Provide preliminary healthcare consultation remotely (use of via AI technology - e.g. chatbots)

The cost for telemedicine app development varies from scope to scope of your idea. Usually it is USD 25.00 / hr that includes UI UX design of app, development of complete app, installation and after support.

Telemedicine App Development Cost

How to Start with Telehealth App Development Wisely

Before you get started, you need to define complete scope for your telemedicine app that will make you money. You might need answers for the following questions before you get involved in your product:-

What is your customer segment?
You need to clearly define your customer segments - companies or people who will download for your telemedicine mobile app and we will help you with that based on trends and analytics provided in market.

What are your key telemedicine software features?
These should be unique and user-friendly features that will highlight your telemedicine solution from all of the competitors existing in the market. We will help you in this in detailed manner.
How we will track the revenue when patient visits a doctor at hospital or at their clinic
Telemedicine Software simplifies patient-doctor communication by allowing them to get on a video call with one-click without the need for downloading any software. We let doctors enter manually and the software itself captures all contacts created between doctor and patient.

What kind of telemedicine app do you develop?
We develop telemedicine mobile apps for iOS and Android devices with features, including real-time video consultation, screen sharing and HIPAA-compliant telemedicine app for medical record storage. mHealth Application Development
We develop custom mHealth applications including healthcare provider-based portals, wearable technology integration, real-time monitoring sensors, patient engagement systems, and on-demand virtual doctor apps.

Telemedicine app development has begun to change the healthcare industry landscape and has shown that our healthcare system is in dire need of innovative solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the landscape of the healthcare industry upside down. Telemedicine software development is now the primary goal of healthcare companies wishing to provide healthcare services to patients from a distance.

Before the pandemic, Statista predicted that the telemedicine market size would increase to $41.2 billion by 2021.

Today is the best time to invest in telehealth app development, since this niche is still unoccupied, the demand for such services is growing and will continue to rise.

How to Start with Telehealth App Development Wisely
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