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Magento UI/UX design company
Project-based Engagement
for Magento 2.x Developer

We advice project-based engagement model for those who are just starting their project. Employing this engagement model, you have option to start with 1 Magento 2 Developer and can extend more if needed.

  • Time adjustment for your time zone
  • Option to start with 1 Developer
  • Pre-screening of each Developer
  • Transparent process and reporting
Magento Web & Mobile App Design Company
Team of Magento
2.x Developers

We offer dedicated team of Certified Magento 2 Developers who will work on all kind of frontend and backend development you need. Our Magento 2 Developers will coordinate with your other team members who are available at your ease.

  • Magento Web Design
  • Magento Theme Development
  • Magento Backend Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration & Solutions
Magento Development Company
SLA-based Approach
for Magento 2.x Developer

The SLA-driven model is recommended for long-term projects with clearly agreed requirements. Our Magento 2 Developers consists of the right mix of expertise and skills. Influxive works on customizing your Magento Store at various business stages.

  • Logistics Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Ecommerce ERP and Management
  • Inventory and Shipment Management
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Magento 2 Website Development or Stanmore Cooper Institute
Magento 2 Website Development or le marche
Magento 2 Website Development or amorisimo
Magento 2 Website Development or CILG
Magento 2 Website Development or Jamba Juice
Magento 2 Website Development or Brandmuscle
Magento 2 Website Development or Tagaire Solutions
Magento 2 Website Development or Line Louis

Hire Best & Certified Magento Enterprise Experts

Who is Magento 2 Developer?

A Magento developer helps you to design, develop, deploy, support and improve your eCommerce website. In general world, designing and developing a Magento website requires a team of Magento developers & designers to complete a project. A Magento developer is simply a web developer who has full expertise in Magento, it's platform, knowledge of various eCommerce integration and strong widget development skills. A Magento developer working as a freelancer, or within a have two separate skillsets themselves:

  • Frontend Magento developers - These magento developers helps you to build Magento themes and work to integrate the design that has been provided by designer – ensuring that your website looks great, stunning, pixel perfect designed, and is responsive (mobile-friendly) so that it works seamlessly on smartphone and tablet devices exactly as webdesigner has designed it.
  • Backend Magento developers - They focus on building features, widgets, blocks, apis & other different modules for your Magento website via existing Magento extensions or custom code. From flexible architecture to accelerated site performance, Our Magento 2 experts enhances users’ experience and boost B2B/B2C functionalities in your website.

Typical Magento developer tasks include:

  • Installing and configuring Magento
  • Building Magento themes from provided designs
  • Optimising Magento’s performance / loading times
  • Configuring Magento’s stores to support multilingual and multicurrency set ups
  • Installing, testing and configuring payment gateways such as PayPal, SagePay, Authorize.Net, etc
  • Integrating other business systems in to Magento – like accountancy, custom relationship management (CRM) software, and other applications
  • Performing audits of Magento websites for search engine optimisation

Hire the Best Magento 2 Developers

Do you have a requirement for Magento 2 Developers or Are you searching for them? We got you covered! Influxive has the resources and knowledge you need to start planning and executing your Magento eCommerce project today.

Reasons to Hire Magento Developers with Influxive
  • Employee, Not Freelancer
  • Dynamic Skill Allocation
  • Work In U.S Timezones
  • Verified Skills
  • Direct Communication
  • Reduced Risk

Of course, the best candidate is the one that fits your project and your budget. However, it is better to always remember common sense. At this point, it is better to think about Magento developers from Influxive, who are qualified enough to produce great code and have the same cultural values.

Hire the Best Magento 2 Developers

Our Certified Magento 2 Developer Services

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Magento 2 Theme Development

Magento 2 Extensions Development

Magento 2 backend developer

3rd Party Magento2 Integrations

Migration to Magento2

Magento 2.x Upgrade

Magento 2 Alternatives & Comparisons

It is crucial to choose the most suitable e-commerce platform for building, managing, and maintaining an online shop. That could be the factor deciding whether your business will succeed or fail in the future. This consideration is particularly essential for small businesses because they have restricted budgets and resources. Each of them is packed with their unique features, their strengths, and weaknesses. And we’ll show you all the details about these platforms, helping you choose the right one for your business.

Shopify vs WooCommerce vs Magento Comparison

Magento 2 Infographic

Cost & Pricing of Magento 2 Developer

How to hire a Magento developer

Hiring a developer on your own isn’t an easy task to do. In addition to this, you have a task to select from tons of developers out there. By using Influxive Technologies you can avoid hiring costs and any time wasted looking for developers. We are listing few of them:-

  • Work with Swift
  • High-level proficiency in the basic magento frameworks
  • Experience with using Blocks, Layout & Widgets
  • Experience with programmatic user interface design
  • Can set up a database and interact with its APIs
  • Is competent and unafraid of testing driven development
  • Has knowledge of MVC design pattern
  • Is capable of writing clean code
What to look for in a Magento 2 developer

There are certain parameters, tools and coding paradigms that every developer should be aware of and you should be aware of how to recognize the developers that have those skills or not. At a high level, magento developers should be able to:

  • In-Depth knowledge in Magento
  • Magento Commerce Cloud Experience
  • Expertise in 3rd party app integration
  • Understanding of MVC Frameworks
  • Advance working knowledge of AJAX
  • Knowledge of Payment Gateways Integration
How much do Magento 2 developers cost in USA?

In the United States, an Magento 2 developer will make as little as $73,500 per year and as much as $178,800. There are also reports that Magento 2 developers make an average of $133,772 per year. Whereas, the hourly pricing for any North American Magento specialists are high. They charge the highest rate of $100-175 per hour.

How much do Magento 2 Developers cost in Europe?

South American developers at a high level tend to be paid around $100,000 annually. Mid-level developers in South America get paid roughly $76,000. West European developers follow with the rate of $40-125, and East European developers — at $20-50.

How much do Magento 2 Developers cost in UK?

Countries in Eastern Europe have similar salaries when it comes to software developers. Data shows that a Senior Magento 2 developer costs around $100,000 on average. The developers follow with the rate of $140-185.

How much do Magento 2 Developers cost in Australia?

Australia have highest salaries when it comes to Magento 2 developers. Data shows that a Senior Magento 2 developer costs around $150,000 on average.

How much do Magento 2 Developers cost from us in India?
We provide you Magento 2 developers with a flat rate of US$ 35.00/hour. The main benefits are:-
  • We charge less than any otther outsourcing agency since they don’t have the overhead expenses outsourcing companies have.
  • You can hire freelancers for a short amount of time for certain tasks and functions.
  • You can hire freelance developers from us and reap the benefits of foreign currency that can reduce your overall budget for the project.
  • We are aware of all the magento tools and latest technologies on the market.
  • Our programmers working are Magento certified and have solid expertise to troubleshoot any kind of problem.
  • We offer technical support and maintenance even after the development stages are finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which Magento development company is good?
To find the best Magento development company, just ask for magento portfolio from that company, ecommerce websites they have made in magento and experience in magento technology they have. We have build 100+ projects and delivering excellence in the past 15+ years.
Why Magento is best eCommerce Platform?
Magento is an established eCommerce platform and provides secure environment for websites. It was recognized as the most popular ecommerce platform in the world in the year 2013 and till now it has the most vast and wide features in array.
Can I use third-party extensions in Magento?
The answer is Yes. Keep your third-party extensions up-to-date to their latest versions. If you cannot keep your third-party extensions up-to-date to their latest versions, consider using different extensions. To avoid potential issues please Download/purchase third-party extensions from a trusted source, like Magento Marketplace.
What is the best practices of Database for Magento Commerce Cloud?
Magento recommends using the InnoDb database engine, and in the out-of-the-box Magento installation all tables in the database are stored using the InnoDb engine. However some third-party modules (extensions) can introduce tables in the MyISAM format. After you install a third-party module, you should check the database to identify any tables in MyISAM format and convert them to InnoDb.
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