First release candidate for WooCommerce 4.3 has been published. On July 7th, WooCommerce will release final version of WooCommerce 4.3. This is the official news for WooCommerce development.

WooCommerce 4.3 to Introduce New Home Screen

WooCommerce plans to introduce altogether the new Home screen with the all facilities & customization to complete basics tasks of fulfilling orders, tweaking settings, product management and much more without having to leave the screen. WooCommerce complex plugin with menus of several levels deep, the new home screen will be major update by simplifying access to important stats and common actions. It will set as the default screen for new stores when version 4.3 of the plugin is released. It includes just the 3 most important items for merchants to glance at:

  • the inbox messages,
  • a quick overview of the common store metrics
  • shortcuts pointing to the most used settings

WooCommerce core Updates in 4.3

WooCommerce core Updates in 4.3

  • Fix redundant setting of object cache when attribute taxonomies are not being used.

  • Tweak the embed page CSS so the top content sits better.

  • Update summary number placeholder styles.

  • Check that the possibly_add_note function exists before calling it.

  • Remove unnecessary rest_api_init action that caused incompatibility issues with other plugins.
  • Fix dashboard task list menu placement.

  • Added styles to the unread notes counter in the inbox panel.

  • Fix spacing between stats overview and store management cards.

  • A new status for orders: “draft”

  • All “Product Grid” type blocks now default to 3 rows instead of one for the initial settings

  • HTML editing is no longer supported in several blocks to prevent accidental breakage

  • More options available for Filter Products by Attribute block

  • Improved handling of taxes for Filter Products by Price block

  • Styling consistency and CSS improvements

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