You need development of a perfect online ecommerce portal: mix and match with extensions for all the features you need to create a wholesale shop (or a combo wholesale/retail store). Offer special pricing, bulk ordering, and shared inventory while your remain customer-focused and have your online shop running smoothly, and control it all from one central dashboard. We as Influxive, is the best ecommerce development company in your area.

Wholesale Pricing Options for eCommerce Portals

The most important extension is Wholesale pricing of your online store, which allows wholesale customers to create accounts on your website. They’ll have access to special features — discounted prices for bulk buys, Discounts offered for a particular period, group pricing, bundle pricing and much more. You can set prices for your esteemed customers on product basis, or category or store-wide discounts as a percentage or dollar amount. You can also designate minimum order quantities to qualify for wholesale prices.

Control visible information

Control visible information

Now control the information each user can view, which is key to sharing product descriptions and inventory between your wholesale and retail shops. Make items visible only to retailers, only to regular customers, or to both. When a wholesale customer logs in, they’ll only see the products and categories marked as available for wholesalers; likewise, any retail customer will see your standard storefront and retail products.

Control visible information

Start your Online wholesale business now!

With a few key extensions and plugins available in market for every ecommerce portal, be it magento, woocommerce or shopify, wholesalers can thrive on any of them if they have a good development team. Make it easy for wholesale customers to order what they need quickly. Create levels of wholesale access, set product and pricing structures with detailed control, and onboard new wholesalers automatically. It’s just another way to leverage the power of WooCommerce to create a simple, scaleable, and shareable online store.

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What about post-launch support? Do you provide that?
We provide 1 year of free support for every project for any errors or bugs out there. After free support, we have nominal charges for retainer and maintenance services on monthly basis.
We have WooCommerce Template / Theme. Will you do just Integration & Development?
The answer is YES, you just have to provide us with the theme and leave rest of the work on us.
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We have more then 12 years of experience in WooCommerce & WordPress development services. Amongst all other reasons, we have developed more than 300 websites on WooCommerce & WordPress.
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