Remote Hiring Saves Time And Money. What All Things To Take Care Of As An Employer

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We’re in the age where technology is well and truly booming. You don’t read the news for a few days and you miss out on tons of new gadgets and what not! We’re quite lucky in that sense that we’re able to witness all the creative geniuses working in tandem with technology and innovation. However, it is not all plain sailing when it comes to working with remote individuals. Of course it saves ample time and money, but there is a price to pay. Here are a few things you need to take care of as an employer.

Training Begins

Never let up when it comes to training because you don’t really know where the individuals have come from, what techniques they possess and any shortcomings that they might have. And working remotely takes away the pleasure of working side by side, learning from each other, team bonding and other important values. 
Although training can be delivered remotely, cohesiveness can’t. Hence, do your bit with the help of team outings, self-help programs, online communities and other HR related activities, just so everyone is on the same wavelength, ready to fight for a common cause.


Managing Expectations
If there’s one thing which takes a hit when working with remote teams, it is how to manage different set of expectations without the employees present by your side. As remote work is less structured, team management becomes a little tricky.

Setting Expectations
Remote work is less structured than on-site work and so is team management. This means that you need to provide much structured and set the clear expectations to the team. Hence, don’t beat around the bush when you’re hiring remote employees. Always be straight with what you need in an employee, the expectations you have from them, the pace with which you want them to learn ad grow. And this should be a periodical process just so the organization sanctity is intact. This clears the air right from the get go and mitigates problems that may arise from below par communication. Communicate often and communicate well!

Back Yourself With Good Technology

No, we’re not asking you to apply for training at NASA. You just need to be technology-wise equipped 24x7. Because when you’re remote working, it becomes even more imperative that you never really go offline. The dependence on technology becomes larger in the sense that Internet-wise and power-wise, you will always need to be fully functional without any downtime. So don’t be stingy when it comes to all this and get the best service that’s out there.

Progress Tracking

To ensure absolute transparency, you need to implement methods as to how the progress will be tracked with each employee and the overall team as a whole. The method should be clear enough for everyone to understand, so that they can themselves figure out what’s working and what isn’t. You can start by creating chatrooms for your team. This will not only keep everyone on their toes, it will help you to decide appraisals and raise, wherever applicable.

Other Important Aspects
1. Use communication methods strategically and smartly. Build a dedicated communication chain with every employee.
2. Hire employees only after they successfully fulfil a couple of short-term tests.
3. Don’t be stingy when it comes to salaries. You won’t get the best unless you pay such.
4. Always remember: Honesty is the best policy.


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