Providing magento development services to integrate Chatbot / Intelligent Assistant in Magento for better Customer Support. Most ecommerce portals are trying to implement an automated conversational solution to help improve overall Customer Experience - ‘chatbots’, ‘intelligent assistants’ and ‘virtual assistants’, among a host of other terms used for such solutions.

Why to use chatbot in eCommerce Online Stores?

The customers are quite selfish these days and are always looking for deals on products they want to buy. At this point of time, if someone can chat with the customer, they might convince him to buy the product from your online store.

Nevertheless, you cannot have sale going on everytime on your ecommerce website, yet you need to have full conversion for the customers visiting your store. It's now being more pain to hire professionals as permanent employee for customer support which eventually increases recurring cost for your organization. But now Influxive Technologies has a perfect solution to resolve this need of yours and create a fantastic customer support for your magento ecommerce website.

Hire an ecommerce development company to get professional support on this new feature that is called as Chatbot / Intelligent Assistant for Customer Support. Our company provide magento development services to blend artificial intelligence and augmented reality with chatbots to have complete interaction with the consumer and eventually present one time exclusive deals for the products your consumers are looking for.

What are the benefits Chatbot / Intelligent Assistant in ecommerce website

1. It is the most efficient way for your customers as they get an automated help for choosing the right kind of products.

2. As there is an instant answer to the customers and the web users, they will not have to wait at all because chatbots remain active all the time.

3. 100% Conversion ration & Engagement of the consumers by sending them exclusive offers and interesting messages that are meant for them to make them feel special.

4. 24×7 support - Now you don't require to hire employees for round the clock job when you should be taking your deep sleep.

5. Efficiency is increased to a large extent in terms of organization along with revenue and sales.

Chat-bots are seriously and undoubtedly the technology of the future and need of every ecommerce website out there because people need quick and instant answers to their queries.

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