Users sit at the forefront of every business no matter the domain, no matter the service one’s providing. At the end of the day after all that is said and done, the number of users/customers make or break a particular business. Since we’re on that, what attracts a user towards a website or an app? User experience of course! Ignore UX at your own peril as it affects the entire business channel in ways more than one. Before we delve a little deeper, let’s first dissect what UX design actually is.

What is UX design?

UX design encapsulates all the activities and execution strategies in place which ultimately help optimize the first impression of a customer inducing business satisfaction. It helps increase conversion rates because products are sold better due to enhanced satisfaction. That’s a win-win situation, isn’t it? According to several reports, it was discovered that for every dollar that a company invests into UX design, the returns are no less than two dollars and can go up to 100 dollars as well. These are some good odds, I tell you! Turnovers of around 100% are unimaginable for businesses these days. Often UX is confused with UI as being the same thing. Of course they are feathers from the same cap, but the terms in individuality are glaringly different. UX focusses on the journey a consumer takes whereas UI is the presentation of the finished article (product or app or website or landing page).

For Start-ups/Small-medium Sized Businesses

Getting a good UX design in place provides a good boost to startups, wherein first impressions mean much more than what conventions suggest. Having just a sound business model isn’t enough; UX is what will give it a good shape and presence. Given the rapid increase in competition every passing day, a well drilled UX is possibly a very key difference maker and trendsetter. This will put your business in good stead, in the sense that it will give you a strong base to grow from. Generating more sign-ups, faster checkouts, low bounce rate – such are the aspects which will get you good brownie points from your new customers.

For Already-Established Businesses

Well, you’re in the market settled, content and happy with what you’re doing. Your business precedes this UI/UX debate; so do you still need to pay attention?

Have you ever heard – Survival of the fittest? Well, if you don’t adapt and evolve with emerging trends, customers wouldn’t think twice about jumping ship, given that nascent businesses will be given them a better overall experience.

Be it making the website/app visually more attractive, given brand colors a new energetic spin, seamless and shorter checkout process, a landing page which doesn’t yell ‘sale sale sale’; there’s a whole lot that UX can do for you. And all of this leads to better sales, conversions and customer retention.

It will tell your customers loud and clear that you’re in it for the long haul and that you mean serious business, having invested in UI/UX as a whole.

In a nutshell, a sound UX is needed because:

It will let your users focus on only what’s important.

Users won’t need to look for needed buttons to make a purchase or figure out deals. It will make sure your customers follow a dedicated path till checkout which is easy and concise. It will make the overall customer-brand experience more real and connected. It will generate well designed products giving users exactly what they need. It will reduce the load on your customer support team, ultimately lowering the business costs altogether. It will reduce development wastage as you can build proper product, category and landing pages in one go, without the need for revisions and editing later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you replace my Current UI UX Design if I’m not satisfied?
Every UI UX design we create, we do it with our experience and expertise. However, in case it seems there are issues pertaining to your UI UX design, we guarantee new revision and sample immediately ensuring the reason for change is addressed in your new UI UX Designs.
What is the main pain-point of the current version (if it exists) in UI/UX?
If you redesign a website or application, find out the shortcomings of the current product, and focus on improving the product in the redesign process. You can also ensure that these features are fully covered in your research and user testing process.
How does your UI/UX designer estimate the timeline in the design process?
Our UI/UX designer takes into accountability of number of pages needed to be designed & developed for your application. He/She then estimate number of hours needed to design each page and hence give you exact timeline.
How do you think of the questions on the 'difference of UI/ UX design?'
Answers are different from people to people, each designer has his own understandings, “UX is not equal to the UI”, “UX design emphasis on technology and analysis, UI design closer to the graphic design.”
I Have my own developer, Do you just do UI UX Design for Mobile Apps?
Yes, we will closely work with your development until your development cycle completes and we will provide full support in UI UX Designs for your Mobile Application Development.
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