UX or User Experience is THE name of the game in the customer-driven market of today. Recently, a consolidated study by Forrester revealed a staggering stat – companies which gave UX-driven practices a priority saw a 17% revenue increase in comparison with a 3% increase number for organizations which were slow to adapt. This is the innate power of UX; might not be apparent to the naked eye in general, but what happens behind the scenes can make or break your business within a matter of days. Let’s tackle this in an indirect manner by focusing on the challenges businesses are facing these days and how UX can help mitigate them, if done right.

Simplifying the Admin Panels:

Every e-commerce website comes forth with a backend wherein sales teams need to follow a particular administrative process to lock, store and register leads.
If this system is a complex one, your good-old sales representatives will end up becoming data entry experts rather than exercising their sales mettle.

Ergo, if you want to stay ahead in this numbers game, a smartly designed backend interface will boost your team’s potential in the sense that they will spend less time registering and more time ‘doing what they do best’.
More calls = More sales. Period!

Target Higher Quality Leads

  1. This is the basic most basic essence of sales and dedicated marketing. If you wish to convert more consumers, you need to spend substantial time focusing on leads of a certain type.
  2. How can you conjure that? By modifying your UX in such a way that it caters to your TG in the most effective manner, which will not be a mammoth task once you get yourself properly acquainted with the buyer persona.
  3. Another important factor is the timing and placement of registration forms. Too soon or a little too late can make all the difference. Also, it should be interactive to attract valid answers.

Direct Inquiries To Dedicated Departments

  1. Having sales queries is a good thing; however, as they say, excess of everything is bad. Too many sales queries might indicate a major fault in the system, one which can be boosted through ample UX attention.
  2. Also, have dedicated lines/e-mails for different departments so that the sales department as a whole never gets flooded with queries that don’t fall in their arsenal.
  3. After all, you would want your valiant sales warriors to be out there in the battlefield rather than the emergency area.


Shopping Cart Abandonment: An Abomination

It might be a little hard for you to believe that over trillions of dollars are left stranded in abandoned shopping carts year on year. Want to know why? The reasons are fairly clear and simple and most of them revolve around UX inefficiencies:

  1. Complicated checkout process

  2. Total order cost wasn’t easy to calculate

  3. Long checkout process

  4. Website demanded new account creations before placing the order

  5. Website was laden with errors

Its not easy to generate true leads; this job is made a whole lot tougher if a sensitive matter such as UX is ignored. Imagine getting targeted leads for the services/products you offer, only for them to be put off by a very long buyer form, which has no proper significance in the first place. This is where a concrete UX tips the tide in your favour.
Even if a few of these issues and misgivings sound familiar to you and your team, prioritising UX is a foregone conclusion. A sales-makeover of course is a by-product of this but you’ll get much more – new customers, customer retentions, good branding, to name a few facets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you replace my Current UI UX Design if I’m not satisfied?
Every UI UX design we create, we do it with our experience and expertise. However, in case it seems there are issues pertaining to your UI UX design, we guarantee new revision and sample immediately ensuring the reason for change is addressed in your new UI UX Designs.
What is the main pain-point of the current version (if it exists) in UI/UX?
If you redesign a website or application, find out the shortcomings of the current product, and focus on improving the product in the redesign process. You can also ensure that these features are fully covered in your research and user testing process.
How does your UI/UX designer estimate the timeline in the design process?
Our UI/UX designer takes into accountability of number of pages needed to be designed & developed for your application. He/She then estimate number of hours needed to design each page and hence give you exact timeline.
How do you think of the questions on the 'difference of UI/ UX design?'
Answers are different from people to people, each designer has his own understandings, “UX is not equal to the UI”, “UX design emphasis on technology and analysis, UI design closer to the graphic design.”
I Have my own developer, Do you just do UI UX Design for Mobile Apps?
Yes, we will closely work with your development until your development cycle completes and we will provide full support in UI UX Designs for your Mobile Application Development.
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