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For customers, businesses are working to create engaging, simple shopping experiences. Businesses must create shopping experiences made up of an increasing number of services to match the higher expectations of their customers, and frequently go beyond the basic functions that these services already offer.

One of the most adaptable commerce platforms has always been Magento Commerce. A modular and open architecture gives clients complete control over the application and allows them to adapt it to their specific needs. However, when customizations grow, developers must maintain more code and dependencies over time, which can raise the total cost of ownership.

What does App Builder include?

Build scalable apps in a cloud-native environment using server-less development tools. Storage, computing, and CDN provisioning are handled by Adobe. Adobe hosts, scales, and runs the apps that you develop.

API orchestration that is pre-configured — Use the integrated API Mesh to quickly configure Adobe and third-party API sources into a single graph. While limiting the impact on your commerce application, add, remove, or update services as necessary. You may simply extend APIs, and you can edge cache API replies to create engaging, effective experiences.

Develop custom applications quickly by using event-based connectors to communicate with core Adobe services and automate procedures. Data storage, CI/CD pipelines, end-user access controls, publishing and consuming of custom events, and access authentication services are some other features. Designing user interfaces is made easy with Adobe’s React Spectrum components that match the look and feel of other Adobe products.

    Secure and compliant — Build secure apps in a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant environment with API authorization and user access control included. Admins can view, test, and approve apps before they are published for use.

Benefits of App Builder with Commerce

With the help of App Builder, new features may be developed and deployed more quickly and more affordably. There are numerous APIs that cover every aspect of Adobe Commerce's functionality. Additionally, Adobe has added support for more than 500 events through Adobe I/O events with the most recent edition. Developers can use App Builder to create microservices that use APIs and events to extend native functionality without changing the core Adobe Commerce code.

The following are some advantages of combining Adobe App Builder with Commerce:

Adobe and third-party APIs are orchestrated by App Builder. Developers don't have to deal with the complexities of the back-end services in order to create composable shopping experiences.

Applications created using App Builder have access to Adobe Commerce events. Developers may simply find the appropriate data to synchronise with other microservices by subscribing to events.

Apps are hosted and operated in a cloud-native environment that scales for you automatically. This means that operations carried out inside of App Builder do not require any of your Adobe Commerce resources.

Platform upgrades are significantly facilitated because every contact with Adobe Commerce takes place over a reliable API layer.

Since your code is independent of the Adobe Commerce technology stack, apps can have their own release cycle.

Applications for app builders are Node.js applications, so you don’t need specialized Adobe Commerce developers to build and maintain apps.

    App Builder minimizes security risks by providing security and access controls as well as a PCI compliant environment.


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