Customer reviews are the main reason that persuade people to make a purchase instantly — and when any eCommerce website use them effectively they can increase their traffic, sales & revenue dramatically.

Story behind eCommerce Website reviews

57% of customers feels that reviews are extremely important in product selection as well as buying any product. If your online store isn't displaying any reviews at optimal moments in your sales funnel, then you do not have any reason to justify for non-conversion of checkout. Your customers may hesitate and try a competitor, or decide to wait.

Nine out of ten consumers says that reviews for products are as important as a personal recommendation and that is why big e-commerce websites like Amazon, Wallmart etc have reviews for every product they are displaying on their website. If your relative or close friend recommends something, you always trust them. Customers usually visits any website more that have good reviews rather then with no reviews. More trust means more sales. It’s plain and simple.

Six ways to increase sales with customer reviews

1. Highlight reviews on every product page

For any online e-stores, all of the product pages are sales pages. That’s where customers go when they want to buy any item. Focus on showing or highlight reviews on every product page to increase your sales.

2. Emphasis on abandoned cart emails

If you haven’t explored abandoned cart emails before, now is the time to start. Over 50% of people who come to your website for purchasing product go to checkout page and later abandon it. The main reason is that they forget how the product is and putting up reviews on checkout page for the products helps in achieving sales.

3. Spotlight reviews that include customer pictures

Just by having reviews with no photos or anonymous identity brings any customer into a doubt. And therefore reviews accompanied by photos have more power to persuade your customers as they feel like more trustworthy and credible. And if you can add videos of previous customer who has bought the same product, they’ll be even more persuasive.

4. Use rich snippets to display customer reviews

A rich snippet is displayed in online search results, beyond the normal information. You’ve seen this with other businesses, where their star rating shows up in search results. You can have this too, and the Product Reviews Pro extension makes it possible.

5. Deploy smart pop-ups to collect reviews

Before you can display your reviews, you must collect them. As soon as any customer has bought your product on your website, when they come again on your website, take help of your cookies and display smart popups to collect information of their previous purchase like how was their product, how was their experience and much more.

6. Use intelligent customer segmentation

Pay attention to your reviews, even if you have integrated any third-party module like yotpo or you have reviews on thrid-party website like Yelp, someone must be writing something about you or your products that is particularly useful. Share it! For instance, a review might mention a particular demographic you want to target. It might mention a specific problem you’ve wanted to communicate as part of your marketing. It might mention a certain product or service.

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