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How to choose the top mobile app development companies?

You need a mobile app development and want to build the next big thing? The next thing you will usually do is finding the best mobile app development company. However, you will need to find the right company for mobile app development that can build such innovative solutions. Therefore, we have brought you a list of top companies in mobile app development.

How to choose the top mobile app development companies?

To have a mobile application has been an integral of running a successful business. Many businesses are putting all their efforts to find the right company that can help them build killer applications. While most large scale enterprises already have their application, startups and local businesses are still wondering about whether it is best to transform customer experience using a mobile application. A user-friendly, robust application on any platform - Android or iOS - can engage your incoming traffic and boost revenue source.

Which are the best mobile application development companies?

Influxive Technologies2004Gurgaon, India$25 – $49 / hrsales@influxive.com / +91 98-1000-5210
Apptology2015Dubai, UAE$50 – $99 / hrweb@apptology.ae / +971 54 445 7578
Appinventiv2014Manhattan, NY$25 – $49 / hrinfo@appinventiv.com / +1 – 646 – 585 – 0501
Hyperlink InfoSystem2011Gujarat, India< $25 / hrinfo@hyperlinkinfosystem.com / 080001 61161
WillowTree2007Charlottesville, Virginia$150 – $199 / hrinfo@willowtreeapps.com / +1 888-329-9875
Cubix2008West Palm Beach, Florida$25 – $49 / hrinfo@cubix.co / +1 866-978-2220
Zco Corporation1989Nashua, New Hampshire$25 – $49 / hrblog@zco.com / +1 603-881-9200
Dogtown Media2011Venice, California$100 – $149 / hrcontact@dogtownmedia.com / +1 888-814-7010
Y Media Labs2008Redwood City, CA$200 – $300 / hrbusiness@ymedialabs.com / +1-415-839-8584
Blue Lable Apps2009New York, NY$100 – $149 / hrcontact@bluelabellabs.com / 2078905983
Dom & Tom2009New York City, NY$150 – $199 / hrhello@domandtom.com / +1 646-741-5049
Fueled2007New York, NY$150 – $199 / hrhello@fueled.com / +1-212-763-7726
LeewayHertz2007San Francisco, California$50 – $99 / hrinfo@leewayhertz.com / +1 877-801-8115
Blue Whale Apps2006Herndon, Virginia$100 – $149 / hrhello@bluewhaleapps.com / +1 561-753-0776
Ready4S2011Krakow, Poland$50 – $99 / hrapps@ready4s.com / +44 23 8097 0485
Fuzz2001Brooklyn, NY$150 – $199 / hrhello@fuzzpro.com / (646) 832-2035
Konstant Infosolutions2003Jaipur, Rajasthan< $25 / hrmail@konstantinfo.com / +1 310-933-5465
Clavax2011San Jose, CA$25 – $49 / hrinfo@clavax.com / 1-844 425 2829
OpenXcell2008Ahmedabad, India< $25 / hrhr@openxcell.com / 099982 22929
Hidden Brains2003Ahmedabad, India$25 – $49 / hrcontact@hiddenbrains.com / +1 323-908-3492
Instinctools2000Stuttgart, Germany$25 – $49 / hrcontact@instinctools.com / +375 29 666-82-93
Chelsea Apps Factory2010Bournemouth, London$100 – $149 / hrbournemouth@chelsea-apps.com / + 020 8057 8878
Simpalm2009North Bethesda, MD$25 – $49 / hrcontact@simpalm.com / 301-825-5351
Influxive2010Gurgaon, India$25 – $49 / hrsales@influxive.com / +91 98-1000-5210


A world-class mobile and web app development company, it can provide a fast, flexible, and quality-driven development process. Their teams are experienced in building native mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. To ensure that your projects are of the best quality, they can work using Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, and Java. Their mobile apps developers team can provide both backend and front-end solutions for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: Native App Development or Cross-Platform App Development?
Selecting a mobile app development platform type depends on your project requirement, budget, timeline and targeted audience. Your decision to go for native app development or cross-platform app development is defined by targeted audience and UI and UX features you want in your app.
What mobile platform should we target?
The answer is iPhones and Android smartphones, both are growing at a significant rate. We would recommend you to go for both the platforms.
Can you give me a fixed-price quote for mobile application development?
The answer is Yes! We see detailed project specification and then provide you with a fixed-price quote to deliver the work.
Can you build mobile apps for both iOS and Android?
The answer is Yes! We develop both types of apps.
What kind of support will I receive after the development process?
We provide you lifetime support free of cost for any errors or bugs.
What about source code and copyright of my mobile app?
You will have full copyright, ownership and IP of finalized mobile app. You get complete source code as well. We only reserve the right to show your ios apps and android apps in our portfolio.
How long will it take to build and launch my app?
Many factors contribute towards development of mobile application timeline, and some requirements may result in the project taking longer to develop than others. However, for estimation, a good guide is that a project will typically takes 3 months for both the apps
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