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Before launching the app officially , Certain strategies and planning are must. The app should be designed innovative and attractive. App should be like when user try it for first time then user fall in love with that first impression only. Then comes the way of monetization as there are certain ways through which monetization can be established, So the most suitable one should be selected to make maximum profit. So here are some fruitful tips and plans which will help you to join perfect direction for your app to get monetized in right way .So if your application is compatible with both  android and ios then it will be generate more revenue. You should also use web designing and development services to make your app popular . This article will help you to opt the best strategy by clarifying their merits and demerits. As iphone users are increasing day by day so your app should also work with ios So for that you should take help of  iphone app development company which provides best services at very less cost.

Paid Apps

So here comes the basic strategy to establish monetization from your app. If your application is receiving high demand from public then you should use this technique or we can say if your app is highly versatile in nature and people will attract with it very quickly then this strategy will be the perfect one. But this strategy is used by very less developers as majority prefers other methods . After launching your app on any app store you can get your payment according to their policy. But it was noticed in last few years that paid  mobile games were generating high revenue and people were getting addicted from them .In present competition is tough so by choosing best web app  development services  you can attract more number of people.

In-app Advertising

So the second efficient way to monetize your app is In-app Advertising. This methodology is preferred by most of the people for getting monetization through their app .So this helps users to download app from store without paying any payment and hence this attract the people in huge number .So this is best strategy to enable monetization .You can also blacklist advertisers which you not want in the list and you can also set base price etc. Mobile advertising is trending now days as majority of the people prefers using mobile apps over Television. Developers are recommending this strategy to monetize your app quickly So this is best strategy which will surely help you to generate revenue from your app. You can also prefer to get in touch with web designing and development services to get more benefit while using In-app purchase strategy.

In-app purchases

If you don’t want to go with first and second strategies then here comes the third one which is In-app Purchases .You can create some passes , Plans and subscriptions in your app so people get addicted and purchase that by giving some amount. For example in a game you can set a payment for extra coins, extra lives etc. PUBG is one of the best example of this strategy as this game is leading the world from the front and we can easily see that majority of teenagers love this game .This application does not have any fees for downloading it but it follows the strategy of In-app purchase.


Planning is most basic thing to reach from zero to success . So here you also need planning to get your app monetized in most efficient way. The most basic principle of this is understanding and meeting with demands of public. Strategy also depends upon category of application .For example In-app purchase should be used with games and App advertising should be used for education related applications and other daily usage applications. You should  make collaboration  with one of the best iphone app development company to make your app compatible with ios also .In present digital zone there are certain companies which provides web app development services at minimum cost.

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