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Our agency assists retail businesses, distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers by combining our information technology and e-commerce development experience to increase customer happiness, increase sales, and broaden their target markets. We strive to create technically flawless and enticing ecommerce development solutions that will help your business stand out in the ecommerce market. We use multilingual and multi-currency marketplaces as the best method for a sporadic interaction between different vendors and their customers. We assist suppliers in presenting and managing their offerings in an ideal way through ecommerce web development services, and we also make it possible for clients to rapidly access the most complete selection of required services and solutions on a single platform.

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Boost ROI with automated AI and Gain more flexibility with B2C Commerce

With B2C eCommerce, trailblazers maintain their flexibility.
  • ✔ Reach more customersWith a traditional business, you may anticipate that the majority of your clients will either reside nearby or have a compelling cause to go there. Even while you might have consumers who don't come in person, they won't likely account for the majority of your revenue. Your target market is therefore restricted to those who can visit your store. This issue can be solved by B2C ecommerce's "ecommerce" component.

    By setting up shop online, you open your doors to anyone with access to the internet, no matter where they reside. This covers not just potential customers who reside nearby but also customers across the nation and, in the event that you choose to go global, customers worldwide. With e-commerce, your target market is now everyone with access to the internet.

  • ✔ Reduce your overhead costsEvery business has some kind of overhead expenses. Running a physical store alone in typical B2C business can result in high overhead expenses such as rent, salary, property taxes, maintenance, utility bills (such as water, telephones, and electricity), and insurance. However, the company also has additional overhead expenses, such as inventory purchases and the storage facility needed to keep them, which are independent to the physical store.

    Thus, the actual store increases the cost of running a business, which is already expensive. By converting to B2C ecommerce, you will be able to manage your store purely online and won't need a physical store, which will drastically lower your overall overhead expenditures.

  • ✔ Create detailed customer profilesThis can be changed for you with the use of client or consumer profiles in a B2C ecommerce store. Customer profiles, also known as customer profiling, are created when businesses use an online analytical tool to collect information about each individual customer's shopping preferences, history, patterns, frequency, regions from which they source their goods, age group, occupation, and how they learned about your company, as well as any problems or complaints they may have previously experienced.

    You may create a detailed profile for each consumer using this data, which will enable you to provide each one with a more personalised buying experience. Additionally, the data you get from each customer might help you identify characteristics that are shared by all of your consumers. You can use this to find other potential clients who share your interests.

Benefits of B2C eCommerce Platform

When you develop a B2C eCommerce website, you must take care of few features for brand image and positioning. As the best B2C eCommerce development agency, we have been helping all brands & clients to focus of 6 key points. These 6 key points are roots for any successful development of product on the lines of B2C eCommerce journey. We guarantee that all these points are easily achieveable with the help of Saleforce B2C eCommerce Platform.

Customer Journeys

Map sophisticated journeys featuring segmentation and personalization to power seamless customer experiences.

Marketing with AI

B2C Commerce platform to personalize offers and automatically apply promotional coupons & tailoring the experience.

Retention & Loyalty

Opportunity to change the way we engage with consumers and build deeper relationships with them.

Engagement Behavior

Digital storefront through predictive sorting, more tailored product results and increasing conversion.

Customers safety

A new virtual try-on feature in its mobile app, eliminating the need to touch and try on products in person.

Live your values

Maintain visibility of your customers across every channel and maintain loyal relationships by putting the customer at every strategic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2C Fulfillment?
Orders that are sent directly to an end user rather than a company or other intermediary is referred to as B2C fulfilment. Due to regulated product pricing, smaller order sizes, and the absence of contracts in most situation, the process is typically more straightforward than fulfilling B2B purchases.
What are the benefits of B2C ecommerce?
A B2C ecommerce system is a vast software network that enables businesses to manage every aspect of online sales of goods and/or services. These systems let ecommerce organisations to manage product information, customise shop content and layout, and handle online transactions and payments by creating a centralised, digital hub for product and customer data. Platforms for e-commerce streamline, expand, and manage essential company operations like the sale of goods and services as well as the back-end operations of managing inventories and shipping.
I am having an eCommerce website, could you migrate it to some B2C platform like Salesforce?
Yes, as per the client’s requirements we migrate the website either to Shopify or Magento or Saleforce which are very popular nowadays. Apart from this we also help you upgrade the website as per the latest features, frameworks, and integration.
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