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Advanced Web Development Company New York, USA

With more than 10 years of expertise in advanced web development, website designing and maintaining web applications and with more than 300 web development projects accomplished for all our clients in over 30 countries, Influxive Technologies, a USA based advanced web development company is a reputable and reliable “All-in-one-stop” outsourcing partner helping you to accomplish your most ambitious and complex web development projects.
With Influxive Technologies you get:
  • Functional and extremely well-suited web development projects coordinating your business obligations, requirements and prospects.
  • Smooth and uncluttered development architecture allowing distinguished productivity and scalability solution.
  • Astonishing web development maintainability accelerating to reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • Far-reaching control and clearness of advanced web development process sustained with seamless communication.
  • Conventional QA procedures throughout the complete advanced web development life cycle.
  • Installation, Deployment, stabilization, ongoing support & maintenance of the complete web development process.

Perfect Way to a Flourishing Advanced Web Development in New York

Client Oriented Services

Our promise to long-standing partnership is shown in full-cycle web development services covering each and every phase of web development and web application. We specify thorough transparency of activities & deliverables, conventional project management, and seamless communication for all of our clients in New York.

Project Vision

First, we will fix up a conference with you wherever you like in New York for one of the most basic reason that it is comfy for you & we will then review your web development project specs to understand business necessities, objectives and basic requirements. If you have some project specifications or documentation written in some place, our specialists will go over it to evaluate the essential budget/costing and time frame for the completing your web development project.

Technology consulting

If for some reasons, you do not have any technology preferences, or have any preferences with the currently implemented advanced web development systems, we will provide support for choosing an accurate technology combination for your web project. Influxive R&D center cyclically explore, examine, and incorporate conventional tools and frameworks into the web development process composed with the finest web development procedures so that our clients utilize and leverage the ultimate pioneering technologies.

Working Business Analysis, Web Architecture and Prototyping

From the initial project stages, Influxive cultivates perfect concept and expertise to carry out working analysis, business process and data flow design to create the ultimate uncluttered and scalable architecture supporting amazing application performance, scalability and extensibility.

User Experience

We devote a lot of concentration to UI/UX and usability that are accomplished through complete prototyping and usability tests.

Advanced Web Development

We guarantee our advanced web development process with full steadiness, impeccable and with complete transparency throughout the whole SDLC process — facilitating excellent control and visibility into the workflow — by adjoining conventional project development methodologies and techniques with suitable project management tools and domain expertise to fetch outstanding end-to-end web solutions.

Web Development Integration

Development of a functionally rich web development project recurrently changes its interoperability with online services and data sources. When it’s essential, Influxive Technologies carries out seamless integration with third-party softwares / web services (common third-party services includes social networks, payment gateways, online data sources, SaaS APIs, etc.)

Web Project Installation & Deployment

As soon as your web development is accomplished, Influxive’s experienced & talented web developers implement your web application developed either to a production or a test environment to make it accessible for the designated use or final pre-launch testing.

Quality Assurance

A fundamental and a very important phase in any web development project is QA. Our QA and testing processes are consolidated in synchronization with the universally recognized QA standards and practices, clenched with advance testing tools to guarantee the maximum quality of your web development project.

Maintenance & Support

Influxive Technologies offers infinite support and maintenance for the applications delivered. We offer educative, adaptive and organized maintenance and support services.

Continuous Improvement & Development

We also provide 3-level support, maintenance and web developments to whole application refactoring with no interruptions into the running business succession.

Expanding Domain Knowledge

In addition to superior technologies and business process expertise, Influxive has an incomparable domain experience accompanying with flexibility of solutions — from E-commerce and Social Networking to Media Content Distribution and Business Intelligence.
USA advanced web development company

Applying Vertical Experience in Web Development

For improved understanding of our clients’ requirements and to deliver business-critical web development projects, Influxive amasses vertical experience and employs industry finest practices while developing the projects. Our vertical knowledge includes following industries:

  • Manufacturing vertical in advanced web development _C3_Manufacturing web development portal
  • News & Entertainment vertical in advanced web development New YorkNews & Entertainment web development portal
  • Finance & Accounting vertical in advanced web development USAFinance & Accounting web development portal
  • USA Professional Services vertical in advanced web developmentProfessional Services web development portal
  • USA Social Media vertical in advanced web developmentSocial Media web development portal
  • Retail/Ecommerce vertical in advanced web development New YorkRetail/Ecommerce web development portal
  • Healthcare vertical in advanced web development _C3_Healthcare web development portal
  • Oil & Gas vertical in advanced web development _C3_Oil & Gas
  • _C3_ Sports & Lifestyle vertical in advanced web developmentSports & Lifestyle web development portal
  • New York E-learning/Online Training vertical in advanced web developmentE-learning/Online Training web development portal
  • USA Travel & Hospitality vertical in advanced web developmentTravel & Hospitality web development portal
  • USA Real Estate vertical in advanced web developmentReal Estate web development portal
Advanced Web Development New York based company
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