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Web Development - Vision and Mission

Our Web Development Vision

Our vision is for companies of all sizes to see clearly, think clearly, and act clearly so that they can close the gap between strategy and execution and become best-run businesses.

web development mission and visionWe believe in respect for our clients.

Thanks to this interaction Influxive Technologies exists today, both as an organization and as a technology leader. Influxive Technologies will never forget that its main focus is the client.

web development companyWe believe in an Internet that preserves cultural diversity.

The Net should not eradicate cultural differences. As in life, the Internet provides richer experiences when people from all over the world meet and learn from each other in mutual respect. Influxive Technologies will make every effort to promote cultural diversity and make its products available in as many languages as possible.

offshore web development servicesWe believe in security.

The Net gathers people from all walks of life, carrying with them different intentions as well as experiences. Influxive Technologies will do everything possible to maintain the highest possible level of security for all netizens, so they can navigate without fear of being compromised.

custom application developmentWe believe in international, open standards.

The Internet should stay open and free to all users, regardless of which browser-application they are using. Standards are much like the spirit of the Internet; a structure on which human innovation can prosper to the benefit of everyone. Influxive Technologies will never seek to hinder the Net's continuous evolutionary process by imposing proprietary standards.

website development solutionsWe believe in a patent-free Web.

Influxive Technologies does not believe innovation in the software industry is protected or encouraged by software patents. In particular, we believe interoperability on the Internet should be encouraged, and we actively work to ensure that software patents do not stand in the way of interoperability.

As a highly innovative company, Influxive Technologies comes up with many ideas and concepts that are patentable. In some situations, we will apply for software patents as a way to protect ourselves from attacks by other aggressive patent holders.

website designWe believe in good employment.

Influxive Technologies's employees are our most valuable resource. Influxive Technologies will interact with its employees in the same way as it strives to interact with its customers: following the highest ethical standards and respect of individuality.

website designing companyWe believe in a Net with unlimited accessibility.

The Net can be a fantastic experience and opportunity for netizens with physical disabilities. Influxive Technologies will strive to make the Net accessible to all.

customized web application developmentWe believe in privacy.

We will always employ the highest ethical standards when dealing with our customers' private information. Influxive Technologies is licensing out Internet products, not its customers.

Software developmentWe believe in social responsibility.

Influxive Technologies will only thrive in an environment where every care is taken to act as a responsible netizen. Influxive Technologies will strive to always act as a pillar of social responsibility in everything it does.

Influxive Technologies promises to always endeavor to adhere to the aforementioned principles, so all Opera-code will abide by the five S's: Speed, Size, Security, Standards Compliance and State of the Art. In doing so, it seeks the help and guidance of the Net community. Under the watchful eyes of a diverse population of Net users, Influxive Technologies will continue evolving into what it strives to be: Simply the Best Internet Experience.

Our Web Development Mission

To deliver and excel in web technology lead solutions and web services to companies in developed economies and to provide end-to-end solutions in the emerging and developing economies. Our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.

software development companyTo produce high-quality, low cost, easy to use products that incorporate high web technology for the individual.

We are proving that high web technology does not have to be intimidating for noncomputer experts.

web development servicesCommitment to deliver End-to-End, Creative, Quality and Comprehensive Web, Print and Software solutions

in the global market place at cost effective prices without compromising on the quality.

web designing servicesMaximize the rewards of our diversity and delivery capabilities by providing end to end solutions ,

which are easy to maintain and upgrade. Modular Programming approach to provide innovative and easily manageable web solutions, enabling customers all over the world to benefit from our web services.

Database AdministrationTo enhance the business growth of our customers with creative web Design and Development to deliver market-defining

high-quality web solutions that create value and consistent competitive advantage for our clients around the world.

Offshore IT ServicesDelivering exceptional business value to clients.This requires more than just focusing on the web

development process. This way we can offer our clients technology solutions that add real value to their business. It’s simple – we understand that our success is measured by success of our clients.

Internet MarketingTo offer Specialized solutions for CTOs/ Head of Engineering/ R&D in the areas of Business Enablement,

Scalability Management, IP management,Specialized solutions Middleware management & Outsourcing Governance.

website design & development solutionsTo offer Specialized solutions for CEOs/ Business heads in the areas of ‘Low Risk' prototyping,

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model , Product due diligence & Product management solutions for key customers.

Offshore application development ServicesTo offer specialized solutions for Start-ups.

Our Web Development Advantages

PHP website developmentLongest Partnerships

Over 9 years of expertise in working with global ISVs and product companies

MySqlNew Generations

Better commercial grade software quality through adoption of new generation tools and technologies

Jumla website developmentCost Reduction and Qucikness

Upto 40% savings in development and maintenance cost ,37% reduction in R&D cost and 25% quicker time to market

ajexWeb Support, Development and Maintenance

Managed services model makes maintenance, support and development more predictable and affordable

drupalPatents, Rights and Implementation

More than 200 patents, invention disclosures and complex algorithms implemented for software companies.

offshore web developmentSpecialized Web Solutions

Specialized web solutions for retail, consumer internet, payment systems, healthcare, digital media and enterprise software domains

Our Web Development Strengths

Innovative web development servicesSucceeding through innovation

We are experts in developing diagnostic solutions for cross-platform enterprise applications. By developing solutions that recycle existing test assets throughout the application life-cycle—in both test and production environments—we promote high-return on customer investment.

web designSurpassing customer expectations

We understand that our customers are challenged with the complexity and heterogeneity of today's IT environments. Our expertise in heterogeneous cross-platform applications (J2SE/J2EE, .NET, PHP) enables us to consistently develop high-quality product, services, and support that exceed our customers' needs.

web developmentHelping our partners succeed

We view our customers as partners in our success. By developing ongoing relationships with our customers—and by maintaining close relationships with third-party consulting companies, IT-service enterprises, and system integrators—we can offer our customers considerable advantages in time- and cost-savings.

custom website designFostering loyalty and team spirit

Our success can be traced directly to the motivation and commitment of our highly skilled team. dynaTrace software cultivates a flat-hierarchy environment in which team spirit is fostered through coaching and in which creative collaboration between team members is encouraged.