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A prosperous brand is an integral part to a prosperous business. Every collaboration with your customers is your prospect to strengthen your brand; from your website to social networking, stationery design, brochures design, leaflets design, business cards design, advertising, direct mail, exhibition giveaways, signage, packaging, uniforms, marketing collaterals and more. At Influxive, We have experts in designing branded media of the highest quality. From first day itself, we work very closely with all of our clients in USA to ensure that every aspect of your brand identity is on the accurate path to success. We guarantee that our proven branding experience with eye-catching and exciting designs will help you to stand out of this whole www crowd.


Branding Strategy, Design & Implementation for Bermuda-Olympic-Association
Branding Strategy, Design & Implementation for Adrac-Abu-Dhabi
Branding Strategy, Design & Implementation for Zebra-Pilots
Branding Strategy, Design & Implementation for Soft-Sheen-Carson-Institute
Branding Strategy, Design & Implementation for the-onion-patch-academy
Branding Strategy, Design & Implementation for Erixir-Technologies

Brand Research

Accomplishment of a elegant and crunchy understanding of your brand and how it is perceived, together internally and externally, is fundamental in establishing a fruitful design solution.

Using our years of experience & expertise in branding, we generate online surveys, interviews, focussed groups and bureau research to concisely and cost-effectively accrue the statistics you need. We then draw out the decisions and endorse accurate engagements that will produce palpable profits to your business.

Some of our common brand research services:

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Research and analysis
  • Competitor audit
  • Communications audit
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Brand Strategy & Analysis company

Brand Strategy & Analysis

Brand strategy defines a company’s perpendicular and its high-class principles. It is the organization from where everything starts rolling and runs a enthusiastic, integrated idea from which strong brands are composed.

We design brand identity systems that are positively rooted in strategic thinking to generate impressive brands, accomplish excellence in the market and to build brand reliability. We are talented to design a visual language for a project that is motivating, attractive and able to communicate the true values of a company.

Some of our common brand strategy & analysis services:

  • Brand audit
  • Brand analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture

Brand Design & Conceptualization

Brand Conceptualization is non-entity unless it’s maintained by ground-breaking & exclusive design that designates the concise attention. We shape brand designs that are naive and gorgeously crafted.

Our many years of expertise & experience in branding has given us effectively congenital knowledge of what the client demands, which in return gives us a head start when creating appropriate and impactful design.

Our designers are entangled throughout the development – from captivating the brief, through to implementation and delivery.

Some of our common brand design & conceptualization services:

  • Rebranding
  • Corporate literature
  • Brand development
  • Website and eMarketing
Brand Design & Conceptualization company
Brand Implementation

Brand Implementation

Over the years, we have proven long-lasting relationships with clients to offer an cohesive design services managed by us and offering a single point of contact. Our expertise in the branding industry and connections with our chosen providers emboldens us to control the creation to assist and take your project through to success.

We are precise about the quality of our work and we do our maximum to promise that the highest benchmarks are met at every stage of the branding design process. Some of our common brand implementation services:

  • Creative Designers
  • Brochures & Leaflets
  • Content & Copywriters

Brand Prototype & Delievery

Influxive is best creative branding design agency concentrating on all kinds of branding services.

Our work includes corporate identity, brochure design, website design and emarketing. We maneuver in range of sectors including energy, financial services, property, and hospitality. Our clients range from global companies to ISVs & small start-ups.

Some of our common branding deliverables:-

  • Naming
  • Identity Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationery Design
  • Print Design
Brand Prototype & Delievery
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Branding, Design, & Digital Creative Company in USA
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