RUBY ON RAILS Development & Application Services

Influxive offers scalable Ruby on Rails customizations & development services to Fortune 500 companies & ISVs.

ROR Application Development

Influxive’s Ruby on Rails (RoR) experts can take your ambitious Internet-based business concepts to a whole new level by leveraging the best development practices this innovative web application framework has to offer.
1. Influxive’s RoR developers possesses over 3 years of realistic experience in implementing and deploying a distinct range of applications. 2. Our RoR solutions are designed to deliver satisfying experience through user interaction, and ease of use, empowering you to share your ideas, products and services throughout the globe. 3. We maneuver as a one-stop development agency offering a broad range of UI/UX graphic design services to accomplish all of your corporate branding requirements by designing an fascinating look and feel of your software application.

As per fast pace of changing technologies in RoR, the web solutions are designed today in a seamless manner, we know how to get maximum of it to create persuasive and fruitful web applications.

  • Functional

    We have created RoR based solutions for a number of verticals & Industries.
  • User-friendly

    We design & develop extremely practical & usable UX/UIs divided from the business logic layer allowing for simpler web application maintenance.
  • Cloud-ready

    We have extensive proficiency in making cloud-ready RoR web applications proposed to work on AWS, Google, Rackspace, Salesforce among others.
  • Load-resistant

    30 million users for one installation with 90,000 of them active daily; 300,000 requests per minute with average response time of 65ms, 400 Million DB records — we have made it possible.
  • Scalable

    We have hands-on expertise in providing extremely scalable clustered architecture primarily RoR based with strong failover abilities.
  • Productive

    We have delivered robust RoR web applications, e.g. qualified of running up to 400M records of data daily with additional analytical handling of its monthly dimensions.

RoR Developers and Development Process

Whether you start an internet startup, setting up an online service, automating analytical business processes or solely making an appealing website with a beautiful UI/UX, hiring Influxive’s RoR team is a clever choice to make your ROR based web application.

Project management

To maintain a elevated levels of development benchmarks, identify business needs, soften risks and drive project effectively, Influxive maintains a dedicated team of RoR Project Managers, Architects and Business Analysts.

Development team

Influxive’s software engineering professionals keep up with a sharp learning curve administrated by our company. Firm qualification requirements and recognized knowledge achievement and transfer practices guarantee the supreme degree of service delivery.


Depending on the project specifics, we can choose one of the several approaches to running your RoR-based project:

  1. To leverage RoR’s ability for fast time-to-market, we practice Rapid Application Development (RAD) combining it with SCRUM project management. We also carry out compensatory QA activities at the end of each sprint to ensure high quality of the deliverables during Agile-driven projects.
  2. For fixed-price projects, we are able to perform development activities in line with the Rational Unified Process (RUP).
  3. Hiring Influxive’s experts as a Dedicated RoR Team, with strong roots in Ruby on Rails and best engineering practices at hand, is an excellent option for those enterprises, which require on-going improvements support for their “perpetual beta” product development projects.

To successfully implement the selected approach, we assemble the best suited RoR team and assign the most relevant PM, team leads and engineers.